I wanna go out somewhere so I can wear my rainbow pastel wig :I

"I’ll show you the power of Madara Uchiha…Divine Power!"

how do colours??? 8/ so excited for Madafest

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You cannot tell me this is not how it happened

HELLO TRANSFORMERS FANDOM due to certain circumstances I am being forced to sell some of my collectables and my TF merch is the unfortunate victim.

Everything shown was only ever displayed, never played with. Prices are listed with the item, but this DOES NOT include postage. If you want to know postage costs, message me with the item you are interested in and your location. For any other inquiries, be they for purchase, etc, I can be contacted at Azeerie-Lee@hotmail.com.au . I ship worldwide also. If you like to I CAN send photos.

PAYPAL ONLY. I will post as soon as I am able to after payment is received. I will send you my paypal details after purchase has been decided.

SO, heres what I have:

-Beast Fire Predaking (Ultimate Class, 2013) Perfect condition, only a little dusty. Comes in box, but has been taken out. Box a little damaged. Complete with all his accessories. (Two missiles, loose tail that doubles as a sword, two crossbow-like guns) all electronics in working order. —$25

-Generations G1 Thundercracker (Deluxe, 2011) Loose, perfect condition. Complete with all his accessories minus packaging (Two missiles, both guns) —$10

-Botcon exclusive Elita One (BotCon attendee figure, 2009) Perfect condition, comes with all her original packaging, but has been taken out. Complete with all her accessories (Cyber planet key, two missiles, cannon) —$60

-Unicron Trilogy/Cybertron Starscream (Voyager, 2005) This guy has, as much as I love him, been subjugated to some torture. He’s in perfect condition, as long as you don’t count his partially missing right arm. No idea how it happened, I think the screw holding it in place may have come loose. All I know is I went away on holiday and came back to find him partially pulled apart. I have suspicions my little 3yo cousin may have been having some fun while I was gone and..well..yeah. Complete with all his accessories (minus the right arm, therefore his right blade)(Cyber planet key, missile launcher and missile) I doubt he’l sell so he’ll probably go to my relatives) Comes with his box. —$20

-Prime Soundwave (Deluxe. 2012) Perfect nic. No packaging, but comes with all his accessories (Lazerbeak) —$15

-Robot heroes Movie Jazz (2007) Loose, perfect nic. No Frenzy though. —$5

-DOTM movie Mechtech Optimus Prime (MechTech Voyager, 2011) Perfect condition, comes with his his gun and packaging. Box a little damaged. —$15

-REVOLTECH DOTM Optimus Prime 030 This little dude is in absolutely PERFECT condition, will all his bits. Sweet-ass mold and wicked paint job. Packaging in perfect condition, HAS been taken out but been very well looked after. —$45

-The Covenant of Primus Been taken out once, perfect nic. All electronics are in working order. —$40

-Transformers vault Perfect nic, good read! retells the history of the franchise, shows, comics, and toys. —$10



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When shows come off their hiatus






this is the best thing i’ve seen all day

Season Finales





I’ve been watching ‘Con skit videos all night and IM SO FREAKING EXCITED FOR NEXT YEAR I mean all the big cons have finished here in Melbourne (Australia) and I didn’t get the chance to go at all this year so yeah coming back with a bang after my Crossplay Kakashi last year with a Crossplay Madara and my bestie maaaay be doing Cross!Hashirama SO EXCITED


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♥ Koujaku → DRAMAtical Murder
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» what is the most noticeable thing of my art style?



Just fiddlin’ with his back :B


- “Just do your thing”


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NARUTO SHIPPUDEN: Ultimate Ninja STORM Revolution - Hashirama & Madara Ultimate Jutsu【HD】