Why are guys so obsessed with their dicks? We’ll be like “Mothers have the right to breastfeed their baby in public!” And without fail, dudes chime in with, “Does that mean I can pull my dick out in public? Can I urinate in public?” Chill the fuck out. This isn’t about your dick. You are already allowed to have your nipples out in public, sit the fuck down.


Necromancy is a form of recycling.
—Evil Supply Co. (via evilsupplyco)
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Skye scribble in an attempt to get myself out of this wretched artblock.

Also a late Birthday prezzie for Aisha because she’s fab go follow her *v*

Bonus image i doodled on my friends iPad bc hes so gosh darn fun to draw


hey *leans against wall* wanna ship our ocs *slips and falls*

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Under the Dog anime project directed by Masahiro Ando (Sword of the StrangerBlast of TempestCANAAN)

"Under the Dog takes place in 2025 in Neo Tokyo, five years after a devastating terrorist attack at the Tokyo Olympics. In the wake of the tragedy, the U.N. formed a covert ops unit dedicating to seeking out, then eliminating those responsible for the attack. Anthea Kallenberg, a girl of Swedish descent is a member of this elite group who has honed her combat abilities and has become a deadly assassin, but must come to terms as to who she really is."

Support it on Kickstarter!

You guys like Fire Emblem? I’m supporting to nab another art book by Yuusuke Kozaki, who does the character designs for Fire Emblem Awakening, No More Heroes, Speed Grapher, etc. And also cuz this show looks neat! Let’s support the creators we love!


This looks awesome

Damn it makes me sad that this is struggling to make its quota. AAarrggh i want good anime in my life.. come on guys!  Pimp this thing hard!

edit: Also they made an update to the kickstarter and the character designer updated the main girls power-suit and i really dig it.  More slick and intimidating but also great looking with the addition of a hoodie and more black.

yaaaassss check out the other updates as well, like: All backers of the $20 tier and higher to have digital access to any future Under the Dog animations.

This means if we only meet the base goal of this KS campaign but go on to create our trilogy of films at some later time then you, the backers, will have access to download those for your original $20 or more contribution to this campaign!

I just want this to happen so bad ;;


idk man i really wanna post more doodles and be more tumblr active but this year has just thrown me into a huge brickwall of an art block and i cant stay happy with anything

that and my character-designing skills died somewhere along the ride so im not even touching my guys right now 

i guess the reason im sayin’ this is that im hoping theres a few out there who actually enjoy seeing my stuff pop up but a girl can dream right ;v:

Fuck, my tea.
—me approximately an hour after every time I make tea (via madopiano)


flower fairies, peony & iris

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  • Them resting together and talking to each other before falling asleep. Bonus if one half gets the other to run their hand through their hair and down their back.
  • Forehead touching.
  • Stroking one’s head in that way where their hand lingers on their cheek or jaw, and…
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“youre so lucky that you can draw”

yyeah it was all luck and not at all grueling and emotionally exhausting practice kind of like how olympians are lucky that theyre so good at sports



Paper Art, Maude White

and I didn’t want to cut out bat silhouettes 

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yells about victorian boots

Hullabaloo is a 2D hand-drawn animated steampunk film that hopes to help preserve the dying art of 2D animation. We want you to join us in making a short film that will showcase the world of Hullabaloo. In addition to helping save 2D animation, Hullabaloo aims to encourage girls to explore science and adventure. The film’s two protagonists are both young women and both scientists who use their intellect, wits, and courage to fight greed and corruption. We hope that Veronica Daring and her friend Jules will serve as positive role models for girls of all ages and encourage them to get excited about science, engineering, and sci-fi.

For more information about Hullabaloo, its creators, and how you can help bring this story to life, visit here! Their goal is to reach $80,000 by October 1st, 2014, so every donation helps and help spread the word!




why ride a rollercoaster when you can ride me 

Because rollercoasters can actually make me scream.